Never Buy What You Don’t Understand

Last week, I was standing in what seemed to be an exceptionally long line at the supermarket cash register.  To kill some time, I picked up and started leafing through a copy of the international bestseller by Richard Templar titled “The Rules of Wealth”. 

Never Buy What You Don’t Understand

The book contains 107 rules that are supposed to guide you on how to become wealthy. Now I haven’t read the whole book, nor can I endorse it, but there was one rule that caught my eye. “Only invest in or buy things that you understand”. Templar explains the risk in buying shares, stocks or any investment without understanding it. 

At Norbram, we agree that any investment that you make, and this includes employee benefits, is something that you should completely understand. Sometimes employee benefits can be complex. There are a lot of options and choices. We take the time to make sure that you’re getting the best plan for your business and your employees. We want you to feel completely comfortable that you made the best decision and the best investment in your employee’s health.  

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