Private Health Insurance: Understanding your options

Private Health Insurance: Understanding your options

As Ontarians, we’re lucky to have a world class provincial healthcare system in place. But it’s no secret that there are gaps in OHIP coverage that can result in significant out of pocket expenses. The cost of prescription drugs, vision care, registered therapists and dental care can really add up. 

OHIP + - Here and Gone

On April 1st, 2019, the Ontario provincial government shifted their focus of OHIP+ benefits to prioritize youth without a private plan. Ontarians aged 24 and under who are insured under a private drug benefit plan are no longer eligible for medication coverage through OHIP+. Those without access to private coverage will continue to be OHIP+ insured and eligible for prescription medication coverage funded by the province.

It’s All About Caring

There are many reasons that employers provide their staff with employee benefits. Employee retention is higher and recruitment easier. It’s typically tax advantageous with health and dental premiums not being taxable benefits to employees. The reality is when we talk to business owners there is a sense of caring.


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