Show Me the Money!

Here’s the scenario; you have an employee that comes into your office to complain that they submitted a claim for massage therapy a few weeks ago but still have not received their reimbursement cheque.  You scratch your head, because it’s been your experience that the Chambers Plan turns claims around in just a few days.

Show Me the Money!

You ask the employee to do a quick check on their claim to ensure that they followed the Five Best Practices for getting a claim reimbursed quickly.

  • Did they submit the original receipt with the claim forms? 
  • Have they set up direct deposit for claims payments?
  • Was the claim form completed in full?
  • Was the claim form sent to the correct address?
  • Have they reached their annual maximum for this category of services?

The next day, your employee comes back into your office and sheepishly admits that they forgot to include the original receipt with the claim form.  It’s an easy mistake to make but one that can prolong the time it takes the Chambers Plan to pay the claim. 

You decide to include these five best practices in your next employee newsletter to ensure others get their MONEY faster! 

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